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My Texas Instruments 99/4A

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The TI99/4A is one of my favorite systems. The computer was ahead of its time in computing power and graphics. It sports a 16-bit microprocessor and outputs beautiful color for a 1981 system. More recent events aside, who wouldn't have wanted a computer marketed by Bill Cosby? They paid him a million dollars a year to be their spokesperson.[1] Some other great systems on my wish list include the rest of the TRS-80 systems, Apple Lisa, and Apple Macintosh. At least one Sinclair and Commodore Amiga system would be nice to have around. Considering the addition of an IBM clone to my collection, it would be nice to have a real IBM 5150 to accompany it. I would like to have at least one working luggable computer such as a Kaypro, Osborne Executive, or SX-64. Written By: Erik W. Greif
Published: 03/23/2018 18:15PST
Modified: 03/23/2018 18:15PST
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