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What Is Minecraft?

If you are a human being that lives around a PC, you have probably heard people mentioning the term "Minecraft" more than once. But what is it? Why is it so special? Let me explain what it is, how it works, and why it really deserves the Game-Of-The-Year award it received last year.

Minecraft is a computer game of survival, meaning your only real task is to stay alive and better your surroundings. The special point of this game is that everything is made of cubes. You will not see a single slope, curve, or sphere in this 3D environment. When you start in Minecraft, an endless (literally infinite) world is created. This world is completely original, unlike many games that use the same map for everyone. Your world will never be identical to someone else's. You could be created in a forest, hills, an ocean island, or even a jungle or desert. And remember, it is all in blocks.
A Minecraft multi-player world
Your job is to extract the materials of the world through digging up the blocks. You can cut down trees and mine ores. You use those materials to create a house, a city, a country maybe, and your own set of weapons and defensive armor. But the fun doesn't begin until it gets dark, and if you survive the first night, well, you got lucky.

At night the Creepers, Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Endermen come out to play. Creepers will walk up to you, explode, and leave a nasty crater where ever they did so, usually killing you. Skeletons shoot arrows while the Zombies break down your doors and punch you. Spiders climb your castle walls while the Endermen teleport around you to cause confusion, then attack you with fatal blows. The nightmare recedes when the sun comes up, and the "mob" (As they are called), catch fire and disappear. The goal you have is to build bigger and become stronger against the creatures of the night, and eventually make it through hell to retrieve the final pieces to the game.

The Nether
I really mean hell. The Nether dimension is a world made of red stones and lava. The creatures are larger and more dangerous. Unlike the overworld dimension, the sun never comes up to send them all away. If you ever go to the nether you will have to be prepared to fight ghasts (flying marshmallows with tentacles), zombie pig-men, magma cubes, wither skeletons, and blazes. Zombie pig-men will team up against you, but are passive if you do not provoke them. Everything else is pretty much just horrible. The last dimension is called The End. It is the dimension that houses the Ender Dragon, which you must be strong enough to defeat if you even live to find it.

The greatest part about Minecraft that you can live this experience on a multi-player server! Here you and your friends can build and mine together, growing your city from dirt shacks to golden towers.

So go try it out! Download it from now!

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