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Springer Classic

Springer was originally not as colorful and polished off as it is now. This application is the first version of springer from 2009! The original levels and objectives were small, as was your goal. Collect as many points as you can through a series of 6 small levels. You have no health or lives, so stay clear of the enemies!


Date Version Notes Run or Download
* Made graphics similar to originals
* Put back original loading screen
* Made buttons similar to originals
* Corrected help file
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Gameplay Information

Springer Classic is a 2-dimensional platformer. You control a robot with a spring for a base. In gravity, you cannot fly, but you can launch yourself upward and bounce around using the arrow keys.

The terrain is a simple layout of solid squares. Lava blocks, cutters, and demons will all destroy you on contact. This version of Springer does not track health, so it can be a little bit frustrating!


In 2009, my second year in middle school, I began writing Springer for a class project. I didn't want to follow the tutorials we were given which would result in a game nearly identical to that of everyone else in class. So I decided to make something different. I borrowed the logic of a bouncing ball and some fruit sprites and made a bouncing platformer! In the download available here, I have switched out the borrowed content for originals, but the game plays exactly the same.


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