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Green Eye

You are Green Eye, an independent, self-sufficient sewer creature. You only want to live in peace, alone, under the big city. When a group of gangsters invades your sewer home, you take action to eliminate each and every one of them. If you are spotted, the world will come after you. Your skill with puzzles and timing will help you in your journey around many obstacles in the complex sewer and beyond.


Date Version Notes Download
* Increased collision efficiency
+ Added background for chapters 3 and 4
+ Added profile resetting and confirmation
+ Added tutorial to level select options
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2013.12.1705-2+ Added level 14
+ Added door enemy type
+ Added support for Windows 8.1
- Removed level start pop-up info-boxes
- Removed ability to hang on roadsides
* Fixed menu appearance time on long levels
* Fixed level timing mechanism
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Gameplay Information

Green Eye is a 2-dimensional platform puzzle adventure. That's a bit of a mouthful. The entirety of the game's terrain is a map of collision lines. Until recent versions, slopes weren't even supported! That being said, there aren't any walls.

Your main methods of transportation are running and grappling. Grappling allows you to pull yourself to platforms directly above you. You may also climb ladders. The early levels use many of these to assist with learning the controls.

Your enemies are very simple characters that pace back and forth on set tracks. The key is to sneak up behind them and zap them before they spot you with their flashlights. As the levels advance, additional concerns such as cameras and larger lights will appear.


Green Eye is a project of mine and a friend of mine. We started it while attending a course at DigiPen Institute in 2011. We combined our interests, mine in programming, and his in design, and produced the first version of Green Eye, which we presented to our class. Since then, we have both worked on and off to add to it, slowly working towards our goal.

Many of the levels that were designed in 2013 were by another friend of mine, Add Gritman, who offered to help finish the game. Currently there are still a few unfinished levels.


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