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The Bouncy Adventures of BunBun (The Bodacious Bunny)

BunBun is a bunny, but not just any bunny. BunBun loves eating her carrots, and nothing, and I mean NOTHING, is going to stand in her way. Help BunBun fool the aliens as they try to abduct her on a noble quest to eat carrots. Oh, and there's a huge flood to outrun.

This was produced as a group final project in CSS-452, Game Engine Development, University of Washington Computing and Software Systems. Naomi Fiebelkorn, Jeffery Taylor, and I are coauthors of this source code.


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+ Level 2
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Gameplay Information

BunBun is a platform game which pans in all directions. With rising waters, BunBun has to keep moving upward or will be drowned. The two remaining enemies are alien flying saucers and the giant rolling carrots they create from your food. BunBun uses her laser eyes to resist being abducted by tractor beams and to collect carrots.

BunBun moves with standard WASD keys and can jump with the space bar. The mouse aims her laser eyes, and left click activates them. At a win or lose screen, you may press Escape to return to the menu, or Space to proceed.


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