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This game was developed by Tadas Lukoševičius of Crystal Arc Studios, and is now available for download here since the team website no longer exists. Flamo is the story of a flame, traveling in a unique world with an abundance of different terrain. Hydrolo has stolen the Saphire Staff and destroyed Flamo's home, the Crystal Flame Heart.


Date Version Notes Download
2013.02.02004 (R2)
* Amplified Boss Music
* Animated intro logo
* Fixed data corruption errors
* Fixed final boss rain auto-killing
* Fixed hidden menu options from being accessible
+ Added menu star animation
+ Amended message system
+ Added profile delete confirmations
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Gameplay Information

Flamo is a 2D platformer with a variety of obstacles and worlds. I can hardly begin to describe it, so I recommend trying it out. Below are a few screenshots from early in the game.


In 2009, my second year in middle school, Tadas Lukoševičius and I took a class together. He began developing a game by the title of Sphyx Zill Xhilcon's Curse (I have no idea how to pronounce it) which I don't believe is available for download. This was at the same time I was developing Springer. Tadas ended up directing his efforts towards Flamo instead, and since it was a shame that nobody was able to play it, we decided to host it at Crystal Arc Studios, our development team website. However, since that's gone now, it lives here.


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