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TRS-Net RS232 Server

This is a server program I designed to use with my TRS80 Model 4. It can be run and operated on any Windows machine (XP+), but is intended to be controlled from a TRS80 via the COMM/CMD terminal program through a null modem to PC COM0. Configure the TRS80 connection with COM/DVR *CL and SETCOM(BAUD=9600) in TRSDOS 6. The HELP command in the program will guide you to using the system. This application is not complete and totally experimental. There is no way to configure the COM port or speed at this time. This should work on any ASCII terminal system with an 80 by 24 line display.


Date Version Notes Run or Download
+ Created command interpreter
+ Added basic commands for user accounts
+ Added basic commands for manipulation and text
+ Added external GML script program support
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