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Motorola MC68000 Disassembler

This program will disassemble Motorola 68000 instructions, and is written in 68000 assembly. This program has been designed to run in the EASy68K simulator version 5.15.04. The disassembler will likely require modification if you wish to use it on hardware platforms. This is due to the IO constructs only available in the simulator, which will be different depending on your peripheral hardware.

This was produced as a group final project in CSS-422, Hardware and Computer Organization, University of Washington Computing and Software Systems. Moe Alabdullatif, Alice Lee, and I are coauthors of this source code.

Warning to Students

By downloading, viewing, or otherwise using this source code, you are agreeing to accept responsibility for violating your professor's syllabus or your school's academic code of conduct. If you have been assigned this project, please do not open this code until you have finished and submitted your own original code. I am not responsible for your misuse of this content.


Date Version Notes Download
2016.12.141.0 (2bcb757)
+ First public build
+ Required op codes complete only
+ All EA modes complete
+ Log file support complete
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